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December 8, 2008

How to Insert Youtube Video Clip in Mamboboard

How to Insert Youtube Video Clip in Mamboboard

If you use mamboboard forum component on your joomla or mambo website. It can't post the video clip because it is not allow HTML only allow basic BBCode. This tips will show you how to insert my custom BBcode to put youtube video clip in mamboboard.

Step 1. Open the file smile.class.php and looking for this code on line 62

Step 2. Insert this code under the line above

Now, you can post Youtube video clip by using this tag.


for Example:


If you want to post this clip in mamboboard just type:


//*Red color font is what I called ClipID

Next step is to add the youtube video button for the easier to use

Step 3. Looking for this code in the file smile.class.php(about line 651)

Step 4. Insert this code under that line above

Finish! Now you add the button Youtube. When people click on it, It will generate tag [youtube]...[/youtube] automatically.

You can view the example on my website from the link below:

Example of Posting Video on Mamboboard

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