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August 24, 2009

How to Enlarge Jcomments Avatar

How to Enlarge Jcomments Avatar

Jcomments is one of the best joomla comments system.

Many great features:
-Multi Language
-Simple to use
-Support Smilies
-Custom BBCode
-Import comments from others components

You can try it here:
Demo JComments

Download JComments here:
Download JComments

This component is working almost perfectly. But the default JComments' Avatar is too small (just 32x32 px)
Jcomments Avatars is too small

See how small it is

If you want to enlarge it, Just follow my step here:

Step 1: Open the file style.css

Step 2: Looking for this line:
/* Avatar */
#comments .comment-avatar img {width: 32px}

Step 3: Change 32px to the size you want: (I prefer 48px)
/* Avatar */
#comments .comment-avatar img {width: 48px}

Finish: Save the file style.css, upload it back to its location, open your page and see the results!!
JComments Avatar 48X48 px

Now, JComments' Avatar is 48x48 px

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