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December 16, 2008

How to Remove Community Builder Button on User Profile Page

How to Remove Community Builder Button on User Profile Page

If you use community builder extension on your joomla or mambo site. There is a community builder button on user profile page which link to community builder's team credits page. This button you can't remove it in its configuration. This article will show you how to remove it!

Community Builder01

This picture Show you where is the community builder button

Step 1. Go to Admin page=> Component=>Community Builder=>Tab Management

Community Builder02

Step 2. On Tab Management, Click on Menu

Community Builder03

Step 3. You will see the parameters setting on your right hand. In the field first menu name:

_UE_MENU_CB just leave it blank. (see the picture below)

Community Builder04

Finish. Just click save and then finish. You can check out on the user profile page. There is no Community Builder button now!! Community Builder05

No Community Builder button now!

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MarkKuuse said...

Thank you so much for a very clear and easy to follow tip! Well done!


Spanish Tutor said...

Great tutorial! Just what I needed!

Mahbub Ahmed Srijon said...

Thank you very much. This tutorial helped me a lot.

Unknown said...

Your torial was very nice! Thank you

Daryl W.T. Lau said...

Thanks for this ultra easy tutorial. Did it in a flash after searching the net for 30mins.

Unknown said...

The explanation provided is simpler than one can ask for. Thanks a ton buddy!


Abey E Mathews said...


~storagebox~ said...

thank you, very easy :)
it helped me alot on my new site

BoneFolder said...

That was incredibly helpful. This button was confusing the hell out of my clients.

Marcool said...

Thanks for this, I was a little frustrated that the guys at CB didn't share this with unregisterd users... It's so darn simple! Anyhow, watsh your back 'cos I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be too happy to know that you're letting people know how to do this (see :http://www.joomlapolis.com/forum/40-cb-newbies/61180-how-to-remove-community-about-cb )

ca said...

OMG! What a neat little help. I am a paid member of CB yet I couldn't find it there.

Thx. Deep appreciations. Peace.

Micael said...

Thank you. Very usefull your post.

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