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December 20, 2008

Making Gif Animation by Photoshop and ImageReady

Making Gif Animation by Photoshop and ImageReady

There are many way to do gif animation. But I think using Photoshop and ImageReady is one of the simplest way.

Step 1. Make sure you have install Adobe Photoshop on your PC. Once you have already installed Photoshop, It will automatically install ImageReady.

Step 2. Prepare your pictures for making gif animation. I prepare this 4 pictures as show below.

Step 3. Open all the picture in Photoshop. Drag and drop it into one file. (Hold shift button and drag, It will snap to the proper position.)


Step 4. Now all the picture are in one photoshop file and they will be in the seperate layer. And click to the ImageReady button (show below), It will switch to ImageReady Program. (Before you go to imageready, You might save the file first.)


Step 5. And here you are in ImageReady program.
Open the Animation window (window=>animation).
Click on Duplicate button to copy the frame. (For me, I copy to 4 frame.)


Step 6. Frame 1. Show only picture01 and hide other layers(click on the eye on the layer. Eye=Show layer, Blank=Hide layer), Frame 2. show only picture02, Frame 3. show only picture03, Frame 4. show only picture04. (You can preview by click on play button.) Adjust the time of the frame as you prefer.


Step 7. If you finish adjusting your animation, Then click Save Optimized As. It will save to gif format.


Finish! Congratulation for you first gif animation! :)

  • If you understand how to do it, You might making it in photoshop layer. No need to prepare 4 picture like I did in the step 1 and 2.
  • This Tips can apply for making banner and emoticon.
  • For making emoticon, the appropriate pixel is 50x50 pixels.

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